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St. John's National School, Tower Road, Clondalkin
School Photographs Wednesday 27th September 2023. Photos will be taken of the pupils in their school uniform.
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Physical Education 2021 – 2022

In St. John’s N.S. we understand the importance of providing pupils with plenty of opportunities to be active. Every teacher ensures that all classes are provided with at least 60 minutes of PE every week.

All classes are taught Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, Games and  Outdoor and Adventure every year. This year 1st class – 4th class will be covering the Aquatics strand during May and June. They will have swimming lessons in Clondalkin Leisure Centre. 

We ensure that all our PE lessons are accessible to all pupils and lessons are adapted and differentiated as necessary.

All teachers follow a 2-year whole school PE plan. We allocate a balanced amount of teaching time to each of the strands and all classes cover the same strands at the same time. We prioritise a fundamental movement skill (FMS) from the Move Well, Move Often programme for further development each month.

This year we decided to work together to improve our delivery of the Games strand. All pupils had the opportunity to work in small groups to create and develop their own games using various pieces of PE equipment. They demonstrated these games to the rest of their class and taught them how to play the game. The pupils had great fun doing this and really enjoyed teaching them to the other pupils.

All teachers use the PSSI lesson plans and Move Well Move Often resources to guide their delivery of the PE curriculum. On 4th April Mr.Beckett and Mrs. Veighey attended a training day for the ‘Move Well, Move Often’ programme. They shared the resources and their new knowledge with all the staff.