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St. John's National School, Tower Road, Clondalkin
School Photographs Wednesday 27th September 2023. Photos will be taken of the pupils in their school uniform.
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Partnerships 2021 -2022

The Active School Flag committee this year are Adam (6th class), Sophie (5th class), Tom (4th class) and Aisha (3rd class). They have met together many times and have been working hard on keeping our school active. They have organized surveys, drawn up results, informed all classrooms of active challenges, kept track of how many kilometres each classroom has ran and much more. They have been a big part of organising Active School Week and have been helping a lot.

Every child in the school gets the opportunity to have a leadership role in the Active School Flag process. Playground equipment is put out each day by the children in all classes in the school. There is a rota in each classroom and different children bring out the equipment each day. We also have Playground Leaders that help Junior Infants to 2nd class during break time. 

This year we worked together as a whole school to create a new Active School Flag slogan. One night every child created a slogan as part of their homework and the winning slogan was chosen by the Active School Flag Committee. This year the new slogan is ‘Run for Fun’ and was created by Mike (4th class), Bobby (3rd class) and Cuileann (1st class).

The Active School Committee conducted a ‘What Club Are You In?’ survey again this year and drew up the results which are now displayed on our Active School noticeboard. This year the most common activity is swimming and over 20 children in the school take part in swimming lessons in Clondalkin Leisure Centre. There were many clubs mentioned covering many activities, such as hockey, football, GAA, horse riding, dancing, karate, rugby and golf. Any achievements achieved by our students, both outside and during school, are celebrated in our whole school assemblies. 

In November and December 2021, 5th and 6th class took part in a 7 week course with Cycle Safety Ireland. The instructors, Don and Mike, came to the school once a week and taught the children skills and rules on the bicycles in the playground. Everyone really enjoyed it. On the last week, everyone cycled to the park. 

On 28th April 2022, the SPAR FAI Primary School 5 a side football tournament was held in school. This was open to children from 3rd class to 6th class. There were 4 teams and each team got 4 games. 

Questionnaires were sent out both to parents and children in the school. Overall, the feedback was very positive. Lots seems to be enjoying Active Homework. Some more activities were suggested for playground zones We have been sourcing some of this equipment and most of it arrived just before Easter, with the rest of it due in the final term.

We have made contact with our Local Sports Partnership and the Local Sports Inclusion Disability Officer. Any information we receive from them is shared with staff and/or displayed on our ASF noticeboard.