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St. John's National School, Tower Road, Clondalkin

Physical activity

We have  been working hard to ensure our school continues to be as active as possible. We provide opportunities each day to be active and we have many events and challenges during the year to increase the level of physical activity across the school. These help the children to be more motivated and to enjoy being active more.

Each day the children have two playground breaks, where they are allowed to run around in two different areas. Monday to Thursday we have four different activity zones set up in the playground for the children to use during their break time. Activities are assigned to a class and change each week so that everyone gets to try out new activities regularly. The activities are changed each month. Some equipment that has been used this year includes basketball, hula hoops, mini golf, skipping ropes, hurdles and tag balls. On Fridays we have a playground disco and all classes can dance during their break time. 

We have Playground Leaders that help Junior Infants to 2nd class during break time. Our Playground Leaders are all the children in 6th class. They work in pairs and change each day so that everyone gets a turn regularly. They help the younger children to use the playground equipment properly and play games with them. Our Playground Leaders do a fantastic job and the younger children love having them there to help them.

When it is raining and the children are unable to play outdoors, each classroom teacher has a classroom-based physical activity planned. The children usually dance or follow a physical workout.

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